At present, we have almost the top. 600 performs its responsibilities in accordance with the personnel, quality, safety and environment standards and contractual requirements.

  • Providing manpower for calls, short duration, project duration, long term and permanent.
  • Manpower on the ASK-EHS role and the company’s role in both ways.
  • Placement of experienced, competent and knowledgeable manpower at all levels,

Scaffolding Manpower Supply

  • Trainee Scaffolder
  •  Helper
  • Basic Scaffolder
  • Scaffolding Coordinator
  • Scaffolding Manager
  • Project Manager-Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding Inspector

Scaffolding has been used since the time people started building one-storey tall buildings and needed to find a practical way of working at altitude. Although the content and design have changed for centuries, the purpose of the scaffold is the same – to provide safe, temporary access and platform where all kinds of construction, repair and maintenance can be done.

Scaffold Design

Content estimates for design, load calculation and access and formwork scaffolding of our Hire / Sales Team and Project Management Team process, which are in compliance with TG20: 13 / QCS, to effectively meet your operational requirements 2014 / Consulate or Client Specifications

Protection Scaffold

Protection scaffold secures construction personnel as well as falling for adverse weather conditions. In addition, safety scaffolds are often established to reduce the flow of traffic or to save traffic flow from falling components or objects.

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