We supply the best pipe fitters, Pipefitters usually work on piping large gas, steam and hydronic systems, refrigeration piping. Industrial piping, pipeline and equipment related to these systems. Almost all pipefitters in the welding pipes are highly efficient. Pipefitters often work from highly detailed diagrams.

Pipefitters work with various types of pipes and tubing materials, including many types of steel, copper, iron, aluminium and plastic. Pipe fittings are not plumbing, both are related but there are different trades. Pipe Fitter, which specializes in fire prevention, is a sprinkler fitter, another related but different business.

Steel pipe was the most popular option forever supplying water and flammable gases. Steel pipes are still used in many homes and businesses to convey natural gas or propane fuel, and due to its high heat resistance, the fire sprinkler system is a popular choice. In commercial buildings, steel pipes are used to heat the water to heat or cool the exchangers, air handlers, variable air volume devices, or other HVAC equipment.

Copper tubing is often used for hot and cold water supply, and as a refrigerant line in the HVAC system. Copper tubing connects using flare connections, compression connections, or solders. Copper provides high-level resistance to rust, but it is becoming very expensive.

While making the copper harder / hardened by the hardening of the drawing process used to shape the tubing, it is carefully announced to soften it again; Therefore, it is more expensive than non-annealed, hard copper tubing. It can be attached to any of the three methods used for hard copper, and this is the only type of copper tubing that is suitable for the flare connection. Soft copper split-system is the most popular option for refrigerant lines in air conditioners and heat pumps.

Flare connection requires that the end of a tubing section spreads outwards in the shape of the bell using a flare tool. A flare walnut then compresses the end of the shape of this vine on a male fitting. Flare connections are a labour-intensive method of making connections, but they are quite reliable for many years.

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