Ordinary Manpower Supply

We are a leading consultant who is engaged in providing a supply of skilled and unskilled workers to our customers in recruitment. Being an expert in the field of human resources, we are able to provide manpower solutions to the customers. Our organization is engaged in the supply of Manpower to various companies across the country. We arrange both skilled and unskilled workers. Enough manpower system can be done by us in the shortest possible time.

Manpower recruitment or supply agency means that, in any way, in any manner, in any manner, for any recruitment or supply of Manpower, a commercial concern engaged in providing any client directly or indirectly, to any client.

The current appellant is the manufacturer of excise goods and is not involved in the supply of manpower supply, although he was sharing the services of some employees of the office with the concern of his sister. Here there is no case of supply of manpower by the appellant to the sister company as the concerned staff continue to work for the appellant and also arrange that some employees work for two sisters’ concerns and the expenses of the employees are shared. Manpower is not supplied by one company to another. The situation is that the personnel work for both companies.

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